Hi I'm Zara. 

I'm an artist / musician / wife / mom / Corgi person / forager 

I believe that all objects carry energy.

I like to work with natural materials like wool, plants, and paper because these things remind me of the important things about being alive  - the endless cycle of growing, nurturing, decaying, and remembering. 

I make everything by hand because I really do put love into all of my creations. You can feel this love when you spend some time with something I've made - I'm not kidding!

A seemingly simple object may have taken me a very long time to make. The details bring me joy. That's why I knit and sew every stitch by hand, spin my own yarn and dye the fibers I use. I like to go on adventures and collect plants that I might turn into a dye pigment or I might press between the pages of some books to preserve a moment to utilize later. I'm constantly collecting things and I never know when something I've found will be given a new life in a piece. 


My music also reflects my love for the natural world.

I like to improvise. If I listen to my intuition it keeps me honest. 

I like to make field recordings and include them in my pieces. I'm always birdwatching.

As a horn player, I have a special love for the harmonic series and all kinds of tuning systems though I'll happily play old music and new music and in-between music.


I have degrees from California Institute of the Arts (MFA) and Northwestern University (BM) and I'm a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy. I live in Chicago with my husband Paul, our son Remy, and our Corgis Oscar and Lucille.



This is my face.

This is my face.